Friday, September 09, 2005

Kimberly Stewart is a Pig!

First she calls Jennifer Aniston homely and then this! This bitch needs to take a good look in the mirror. Somebody needs to drop her off a cliff and call it a day. A total, tacky piece of trash.

Kimberly Stewart has made a sick joke about Sir Paul McCartney's amputee wife, Heather Mills. The blonde beauty, whose father is rocker Rod Stewart, poked fun at the former model, who lost her leg in a tragic motorbike accident in 1993, in an interview.

She told America's Stuff magazine: "What has three legs and lives on a farm? Paul McCartney and his wife.

" The tasteless joke is set to anger Sir Paul and Heather, who devotes much of her time to charity work for other amputees.This is not the first time Kimberly has upset a fellow celebrity with her insensitive comments.

Jennifer Aniston was left devastated when Kimberly branded her "homely" and unattractive in an interview with America's Blender magazine.

Kimberly said: "I like her because she's homely. She obviously has to have something else - it's not like she's gorgeous or anything" Jennifer, who recently split from husband Brad Pitt, later admitted the comment "ruined my night", prompting Kimberly to publicly apologise Kimberly said at the time: "It was one of those things you say and then you bite your tongue and think, 'What did I just do?' It made me feel awful, so I sent flowers and an apology"



At 8:13 AM, Blogger markus said...

for real. i heard the sanitation dept's been looking for her.


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