Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Bear With Me

Hey everybody! I haven't been up to speed the last couple of days. I apologize. And, no I didn't try to take my life after the Bronco Game and jump out of my window or anything like that. Although, I thought about it. The fact that I live in a ranch hindered that idea considering the worst that would happen is that I'd skin my knee and then would have just been more pissed off anyway.

Fact of the matter is that I have a nasty head cold and I'm a little out of it. Okay, a lot.

On that note, tonight is going to be a really good night to stay home chugging Nyquil, or booze, or whatever and watch the boob tube.

Set your Tivo's. Don't forget that tonight is the Season finale of Rescue Me.

I was going to watch the pilot episode of Supernatural and post the link. It was on Yahoo free for the last couple of days...but, they took it down. Son of a... From what I saw of it, it looked really good. I was really looking forward to watching that today in my foggy state...but no such luck. Just one more thing to add to my tivo. It just so happens to be on at the exact same time as Rescue Me. Naturally.


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