Saturday, August 27, 2005

Dorothy Update

I mean Tom Cruise update...sorry about that.

I would give anything to be a fly on the wall when Team Cruise's wheels spin into motion. The busiest man in Hollywood, and I'm NOT referring to the 100% heterosexual superstar, Tom Cruise, has been hard at work again. I am of course referring to Mr. Cruise's lawyer, Bertram Fields.

It must be stated that the picture of the dancer that I published on Thursday, is not Mr. Cruise but is his sister Cass. I knew that little girl seemed too pretty to be Tommy.

A letter that Defamer received cleared up this whole mess. Mr. Fields stated that under no circumstances should anyone make mention that Mr. Cruise dressed up as a girl on a regular basis. Who the hell said that? Well, I never said that. We only had two pictures to look at and I don't think anyone inferred that this was a daily thing. There is no proof of that. Maybe fifty or sixty times, maybe yesterday for God's sake...but I didn't see it. He could be sitting around in a French Maids oufit watching Nascar for all I know. I wonder if he's a Jeff Gordon fan?

Anyway, I didn't receive a letter, but here it goes. I Retract too. I'm not sure what I'm retracting...but, I retract dammit!

That being said, I will post a few super manly pictures of Tom Cruise so this can all be put to rest. Nothing quite screams heterosexual man as much as Top Gun...right? Hot! Have a great day!

Sorry about any confusion this may have caused. Read the letter to Defamer here.


At 3:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

OMG, what is wrong with this guy? stop sending threatening letters to people just because they make fun of you. He has definitely lost the plot, he has nothing left.


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