Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Angelina Jolie's new Babysitter

I kind of feel bad for Brad Pitt. He didn't lose any money in his divorce, but it appears he is really hard up for cash. Considering him and Angelina adamantly deny having a romantic relationship, he must be the new baby sitter. What other explanation could there be?

Actually, it looks like they are ready to make their relationship public. Don't forget to act super surprised. Now, this crap has been obvious. What I want to know is Angelina really pregnant?

I Have to admit the baby bottle in his back pocket is super cute. Jennifer Aniston is not going to like these pics at all. Poor Jennifer. He didn't want to hurt her feelings?

The Hollywood couple have so far remained tight-lipped about their relationship, which started shortly after Brad's split from ex-wife Jennifer Aniston.

However, sources claim the 'Mr and Mrs Smith' co-stars will finally confess they are dating to famed US TV interviewer Barbara Walters.

An insider is quoted by Britain's The People newspaper as saying: "Brad and Angelina had not gone public as he wanted to get his divorce out of the way and not hurt ex-wife Jennifer's feelings.

Story femalefirst. Photos from JJB.


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