Friday, August 19, 2005

28 Days...Again

Courtney Love was in court today. Nothing new there. The judge ordered her to spend 28 days in rehab. Is the 47th time a "charm" in rehab? Anyway good luck with that. She is really a mess. I kind of feel bad for her actually, and I never said that before.

This last picture was taken...the previous time she was ordered to rehab. It looked pretty rock bottom to me. I thought rock bottom was rock bottom. How many times can a person hit rock bottom?

"I think that you need to hit rock bottom before you make a decision about what you're going to do in the future," Superior Court Judge Rand Rubin told the sobbing Love.

She was in court for allegedly being under the influence of a controlled substance, which wasn't identified.

Love's voice cracked as she said, "Yes, your honor," when asked by Rubin if she understood she was admitting to three probation violations. She is on probation in three separate cases.


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