Tuesday, August 16, 2005

24: The Drinking Game

Love's this! Here's something to do in our spare time. Pull out the 24 - Season 2 disk set and have a huge party. I would add everytime Jack says "Dammit!", but that would cause alcohol poisoning and I don't want that kind of pressure hanging over my head.

Take one drink if...

  • Jack draws his gun and yells.
  • Tony complains about breaking rules and tries to stop someone from doing so.
  • Tony complains about breaking rules... and does it anyway.
  • Someone tells Chloe to shut up and do her job/get back to work.
  • Palmer has a crisis of conscience.
  • A CTU employee turns out to be a traitor.
  • A woman turns out to be evil.
  • Jack disobeys a direct order.
  • Two CTU employees reveal their love for each other.
  • A member of Palmer's staff does something bad.
  • A major crisis leads into a bigger crisis or conspiracy.
  • Kim gets kidnapped.
  • Someone from Jack's past seeks revenge.
  • A major event occurs exactly on the hour.
  • There's some gratuitous undressing/near-nudity.
  • An innocent (or mostly innocent) bystander unwittingly becomes a key player in the day's events.
  • Sherry gloats about being an evil, manipulative bitch.
  • Jack tries to convince the bad guys he's turned evil by mentioning his wife's death.
  • A major injury or illness randomly stops being a problem and is ignored or forgotten for the rest of the episode/season.
  • Someone heads to the CTU restrooms to make a phone call.
  • A cell phone stops working just when it's needed most.
  • Secret Service agent Aaron helps Palmer out of a tight spot, passes on some wise advice, or otherwise does something more useful than anyone else from Palmer's staff or cabinet.
  • Palmer asks Jack to take on the tough assignments or dirty work.
  • Jack tortures someone.
    Kim wears something extremely revealing.
  • Jack and Tony have an argument.

Take two drinks if...

  • Jack and Tony have a fistfight.
  • Someone attempts to assassinate Palmer.
  • A major character dies.
  • A major character should die, but doesn't.
  • Jack kills someone.
  • Jack tells someone not to mess with him because he's already killed one or more people today.
  • CTU doesn't quite manage to stop the terrorist event from happening.
  • An annoying/jerky character has some touching humanizing scenes... and then dies.
  • Terrorists manage to kidnap someone important.

Take three drinks if...

  • Nothing interesting happens on the hour.
  • CTU is blown up.
  • Kim is attacked by a wild animal... for no apparent reason.
  • Jack dies.



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