Thursday, August 11, 2005

What in the hell is going on with the Sopranos?

Yawn. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. This crap has been going on for years and years.

{Begin rant here}

First they said the last season was going to also BE the last season. Then they said it would be delayed because David Chase needed more episodes in order to finish the series. So we would be super-duper happy when it finally aired because we would get like ten extra episodes.

Then it was decided they couldn't do it all in one so they were going add another season...and that would be the end of it. Two years later they finally air it. A bunch of it sucked too because I thought if he was trying to tie up loose ends...then why were new and pointless characters being added every week. Whatever.

I figured that when they divided it in two that we would not have to wait forever for the final season. They are suppose to air the final season in March, which would be like 4 years since the last one...which I don't remember at all.

I've been watching it on HBO on Sundays, but I don't know if it was last season or the one before. Not to mention I drink a lot of beer and I think it's crap for me to have to try and remember all of this shit when they take four years off. I don't even remember last Tuesday for Christ sake much less whatever the hell was going on with Paulie and Chrissy four years ago.

If they think they are going to pick up where they left off that will be a little difficult to do. It's going to be hard for the viewers to see it realistically when A.J. is finally graduating high school and he's a middle-aged bald man. What the hell? Actually, from what I remember, A.J. is kind of a screw that's not as much of a stretch now that I think about it.

HBO is going to have to play every season from the the very sequence...all leading up to whenever the hell the next season finally starts. The reason I'm bitchin about it is because David Chase has decided to do the same exact shit I am ranting about. Thanks Mr. Chase.

Well, Deja we go again. Now it will be on in another year or two. Who the hell knows? Dammit! Sound familiar?

{End rant here}

The upcoming season of "The Sopranos" might well be a whopper, at least in terms of the number of episodes. Sources said series creator/executive producer additional episodes for the upcoming sixth season, set to bow in March.


At 12:21 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I cancelled HBO because of the Sopranos.

I love the show, but at the end of last season, I realized it would be forever until new shows aired. So why keep the premium service (HBO) that I only pay for in order to watch the Sopranos????

So now, I barely care if the Sopranos ever come back. I've lost interest, and I don't have HBO anymore.

THAT is what happens when you treat your viewers so poorly.


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