Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I'm Rick James, Bitch!

First I thought this was Rick James. Then when I looked closer it looked a lot like Prince...but with some really jacked up hair. Lenny Kravitz? Slash from Guns and Roses? So I read further and it was Jada Pinket Smith last week performing at Ozzfest.

Eek! I use to think she was adorable, but she has some serious male features going on here. Madonna is doing the same thing to herself. While over use of plastic surgery is bad, HGH is just as bad. It makes women look like female body builders on 'roids. Not attractive.

I had heard a lot of rumblings going on about this band being added to the Ozzfest. Let's just say Jada is not "getting jiggy with it" like her hubby. Ths is some serious acid, thrash metal. I went to their website and clicked on fakeness. It was definitely rockin.


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