Thursday, August 11, 2005

A Letter to Tara Reid

Dear Ms. Reid,

Ugh! Please get out of the limelight! Looking at you when your parading around in your drunken stoopers is obnoxious and annoying. Don't you think we have been tortured enough looking at your boobs falling out of your clothes? Not to mention, you not even noticing your skirt being around your neck... nowhere near your waist...much less your ass.

Paris doesn't even want to be photographed with you or be in your show. Hanging around with you is harming HER reputation? WTF? That says a lot right there...considering she's about the trashiest, idiot there is.

I just spit up my Diet Dr. Pepper looking at...once again...a picture of you in a bikini. Thanks for that by the way. Do you even care about the damage to the public's retinas and all?

Speaking of show...why in the hell did E! give YOU your own television show? Who were you sleeping with to get that gig? Well, it wasn't Ted Casablanca...but that's beside the point.

For God's sake...I beg of you, buy a damn one piece bathing suit!!! I cannot take your lumpy stomach anymore. There is too much carbonation in my soda for me to properly digest it when I'm looking at your lipo disaster. I'm out of valium and Tagamet and I'm getting pissed off!

If not for me, think of the children!

Thanks for your consideration.
What the...

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