Thursday, November 17, 2005

Paris Dumps Another Greek Gazillionaire

Another one of Paris Hilton's high speed relationships has crashed and burned. According to Star magazine, Hilton and her lover of just over a month, Stavros Niarchos, have broken up. The split happened on the heels of the couple's her 21st birthday. But while Paris and Kelly chilled in the Penthouse of the Hard Rock Hotel, Stavros was downstairs having a pillow fight that cost thousands of dollars worth of damage. Of course, Stavros blames his behavior on Paris's influence. "[Paris is] forever saying, 'Let's party hard like rock stars.' Every night has to be a party," a source close to Niarchos told Star. But once Stavros followed her advice and did party hard, Paris was enraged. "I don't want Hard Rock to think I bring in people who do this," she was overheard saying. For Paris to complain about his antics was the last straw for Stavros. The source says, "They broke up Nov. 13. Stavros told Paris that things are out of control and he's through with the drama. He said to her, 'I need time to reflect. I should have been home today studying, instead I am here paying $100,000 worth of bills.'" (By Kate Lanahan) thebosh
This was all after a week when he crashed two cars after partying. Must not be the best thing in the world to go out with Paris Hilton, not mention the STD's.

Hey dumbass, next time you decide to act out a scene from the movie Selena and trash out a hotel room like a "rock star"...stay at The Hilton. That would have been hot! Just a suggestion.

Photos from snoop.


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