Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Jennifer Aniston GQ Woman of the Year

For the first time in 10 years, GQ magazine is featuring a woman on one of three covers of the annual Men of the Year issue. That woman: Jennifer Aniston. (Related story: Aniston remains our favorite Friend) Actor Vince Vaughn and rapper 50 Cent also are sharing GQ's 2005 honor. The covers will be distributed to subscribers randomly, and all three will be sold on newsstands Nov. 22.

In 2003, GQ started featuring women in the issue, but "we wanted to choose the one woman who we find most compelling," says articles editor Mark Healy. The decision to run topless photos of her, he says, was between the photographer and Aniston.

In what GQ is billing as its first ever Woman of the Year, the nomination is "an honor" for Aniston, says her spokesman, Stephen Huvane. The actress was "inspired" by photographer Peggy Sirota, he says. "Jennifer has always been interested in creating images that are inspired and different from what you may have seen before."



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