Friday, November 04, 2005

The Golden Oldies

Or maybe more like the olden Goldie. WTF? What the hell happened to Goldie Hawn? She looks exactly like I did the morning after my first Judas Priest concert. It was pretty ugly. A bottle of Seagrams 7 and some other things I really shouldn't go into. Those roadies sure know how to party!

Anyway, did she quit using botox on her face? She really needs to lay off the HGH. Why is her neck bigger than Tom Nalen, the center for the Denver Broncos? She has the same facial expression I had on my last blind date. She does not look all.

Then there's Meg. The cute Meg Ryan that everyone simply adores. She looks elegant in black and a classic strand of pearls. Simplicity is elegance. However, her cheek implants and lip collagen are not elegant. Meg what have you done to your face?



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