Wednesday, August 31, 2005

What a Horrible Mess!

I have no idea how they are going to get all the people from the Superdome to the Astrodome in Houston. The water is getting deeper. These people are waist deep trying to get there. What a horrible mess. The conditions inside are absolutely atrocious and yesterday someone committed suicide inside the building. I can't even imagine how horrible this would be. Then their off to the Houston Astrodome to live until? I can't imagine being in this predicament as so many are. It's so surreal and heart wrenching.

[Begin rant here]

It's completely devastating and all hell is breaking loose. Martial Law might possibly be the only way to get a hold of what's going on in New Orleans and elsewhere. There is no way to help the despair that is going on while there are thugs taking advantage of the situation and terrorizing all the people and stealing resources from the sick and needy.

I was watching MSNBC this morning and the reporter was doing his report and he stated that late the night before, a truck load full of men with guns drove up to them stopped and then drove on. Apparently, they lucked out and the menaces didn't see anything worth they spared robbing or killing them. I could tell from the reporter's voice that he was and still is very shook up over the incident.

This was not an isolated incident. They have gangs of them riding around and looting and destroying anything they can get to. It totally pisses me off that there is so much tragedy happening and all of these assholes decide to make it all worse. They should be thanking God that their even alive. Idiots.

A spokeswoman for Lousiana's governor says workers at Children's Hospital huddled with sick kids and waited for help to arrive as looters tried to break in. Help never arrived.

A city councilwoman says "The French Quarter has been attacked." She says "exhausted, scarce police" have to be diverted from search and rescue to try to control the looters.

Breaking into a Children's hospital. Niiiiice. I've seen videos of cop's trying to grab looter's in waist high water and them slipping through their fingers. There is simply not enough police there to handle rescue and recovery and dealing with jackasses like these ones.

Police said there were dozens of carjackings overnight, by desperate survivors trying to leave town or obtain supplies.

Somebody fired at a rescue helicopter Tuesday night, forcing its crew to abandon efforts to evacuate patients from a hospital, a state official said. Source

People are just stealing cars in a panic from other survivors? It's complete chaos. Why in the hell would you shoot at a rescue helicopter? Stealing and looting is bad enough, but this is turning into a war zone. It's time to bring in the Military and their guns. If they don't shoot the idiots...they can evacuate everyone else and leave all the looters, etc. with their new stolen television, no electricity, and let them decay with the snakes and the rats. "See you guys later. I'm sure you'll be fine with all the shit you took from the elderly and sick kids...some people may be back in a few months. Good luck with that." Now, there's a good idea for punishment. It's like hell...only worse.

[End rant here]

This is only going to get a shitload worse. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the people with friends, families and loved ones affected by this tragedy.

To donate or help you can contact the Red Cross here.


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