Thursday, July 14, 2005

Sorry Katie...your Stuck Now!

Well, looks like all the efforts to "Free Katie" didn't work. She's a gonner. The 16 days where none of her family or friends knew of her whereabouts definitely left a mark on her. She was completely brainwashed by those Scientologist freaks. She's like a zombie and has to ALWAYS be with her "Scientology minder" aka "my new best friend. WTF? She has a very limited vocabulary that shes uses in EVERY interview.

Although, in the first pic it looks like she is making an attempt to strangle him. Her "minder" Rebecca must be talking her out of it. Tom's begging with Rebecca to put her back into her robotic mode.

From W Magazine
"Meeting Tom—I'm just exhilarated. He makes me laugh, we have fun, we understand each other, everything is so aligned. I feel so lucky and so—like I've been given such a gift, such a gift, you know?" She pauses. "And it's just really amazing."


As if that weren't already perfectly clear, just then a security guard lumbers into the dressing room and presents Holmes with a giant silver box tied in a thick purple ribbon. A small crowd gathers to watch her gleefully tear open the package and pluck out a Chanel diamond necklace—a gift, naturally, from Cruise. "He's my man! He's my man!" she screams, then jumps up on her chair to do an impression of her fiancé's now-famous sofa shtick from Oprah.

People begin to cheer. "This is your moment!" cries the manicurist.

"I can do splits too," Holmes says, jumping down and splaying herself across the floor. On that note, I suggest, we should probably get the photo shoot started.

"On that note," she replies, "I love him."

The rest of the nausea inducing article from W here.
An equally hilarious and also sickening article here.


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