Tuesday, July 12, 2005

HOLY !@%*&

Wow, this site really freaked me out. Joseph Edward Duncan III, the man that kidnapped and raped Shasta and Dylan Groene has his own blog. There are some freaky, crazy postings from this guy regarding "demons" and "the bogeyman". His last post was May 13th just 3 days before he went on a rampage and murdered 3 people and kidnapped those two kids. The comments section is very disturbing. Quite a few people were just telling him to believe in the Lord, etc. There are so many things wrong with this stuff I don't even know where to begin. How and why are these people released back into society to do this AGAIN AND AGAIN? Argh!!!What a sick twisted freak. Why didn't someone turn him in? Gah! story

"As an adult all I knew was the oppression of incarceration. All those years I dreamed of getting out...And getting even. Instead, I got out and I got even, but did not get caught. So, I got even again, and again did not get caught. So, I figured, well, I got even twice (actually more, but that's here nor there), even if I'm the only one who knows, so now what?


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