Monday, July 11, 2005

Bits and Pieces

  • Tim Burton's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory premiered on Friday. It has been rumored that Depp's performance was inspired by Michael Jackson? Talk about scaring all the children. You can view a few short animations of Tim Burtons...Stain Boy here.
  • First they are making a sequel to "Sixteen Candles" and now THIS. When is it going to end? Is John Hughes really involved with all of this? People are getting desperate!
  • Something tells me I won't be getting rich this way.
  • Isn't Pamela Anderson synonymous with tasteless? What the hell is she talking about? You can view the pics here.
  • Paris Hilton can barely read. How was she able to use the word dispensation in a flippin sentence? Her dog Tinkerbell must have helped her out with that one. Why shouldn't she be able to get married at Westminster Abbey like all the British Royals? Idiot DJ's version of her written letter is hilarious.


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