Friday, July 08, 2005

Kim is in a Real Mess Now

Kim, Kim, Kim.
Well, we all know how much trouble Kim would get into every single hour on 24...but Elisha has it together. I thought.

Now, I'm pretty sure my girl Elisha isn't so strapped for cash that she needs to do this crap for money...but you never know. Either some call girl looks EXACTLY like her or they are using her photo without her permission. On that note here is a to do/don't list for my friend Jay who will be in Vegas for a few weeks:

  1. Please do NOT call the number...even though it offers a money back gaurantee. Trust me on this one. Plus, I know what you are thinking.
  2. Grab some of these off the strip and bring them home. You never know...they could become collectors items. You know how crazy some of those 24 fans are. PLEASE!

Via Defamer
Attention all visitors to Las Vegas: While you may have concerns about Elisha Cuthbert’s career trajectory following House of Wax, it’s highly unlikely that she’s going to come to your room at the Palms for $47 to “run lines,” no matter what this escort handbill seems to promise. (Scans submitted by a reader fresh off a Vegas trip.)


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