Friday, July 08, 2005

I know WAY more than you

No, really. I wasn't hynotized. I swear.

Poor Katie
Dr. Tom, are you sure those are vitamins your giving to her dumb ass? She looks crazed!

I don't think Katie REALLY understood what she was getting herself into with this contract...uh...I mean intensely loving relationship. Between all of the e-meters and crazy Tom jumping off and on furniture, I think Katie is a little overwhelmed.

I thought Scientology was suppose to RID you of all those pesky little aliens from millions of years ago. By the looks of these pictures...I don't think it's working. It's a good thing she has her new cult...I mean girlfriend with her at ALL times. Just in case she can't remember her name...or what not. more

I may not know the history of Psychiatry like Dr. Tom Cruise does, but I DO know the history of dumb bitches in horrid ridiculous relationships with idiot men! Is there a Diploma for that? Anyway Katie, when your ready to come back to reality let me know.

On a related note. Could someone be getting "cold feet"? Or, maybe just realized he's...urgh...whacked. I'll leave it at that. source


Maybe the campaign is working after all.


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