Friday, October 21, 2005

That Goofy Salvador


ALI MacGRAW was horrified when artist SALVADOR DALI sent her an iguana wearing pearls as an apology for sucking her toes during a portrait sitting.

The LOVE STORY actress was never a fan of the painter but was complimented when he singled her out for his work.

She says, "I was an ego-saturated idiot blinded by the thought of being a muse.

"The sitting was a disaster, with Dali alternating between sucking my toes and disappearing behind his canvas for ages. Eventually I gave up on it.

"Dali sent me a bunch of rare orchids and an iguana with a bunch of imitation pearls around its tail. It was characteristically surreal, but I was appalled at the cruelty."

That is some funny and crazy shit. I couldn't figure out what she was appalled by at first. I would have been appalled when Dali started sucking on my toes. But, that's just me. I can't get that vision out of my head. Not to mention trying to imagine the meaning of the pearls around the iguana's tail. It had to have some super intense significance to Dali, but hell if I know.

And to think, just last night, I was tearing through my huge Dali book frantically searching for this one painting of his. I saw it at the Dali show in Venice last year and it is titled "fried egg on a plate without the plate". I burst out into hysterical laughter inside the crowded museum. I was the only one laughing.



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