Saturday, September 03, 2005

Kayne Rants and Mike Sweats!

During the live concert on NBC for Katrina relief, rapper Kayne West had some rather unkind words for the Prez. The statements were cut out of the west coast feed. The look on Mike Myers face was so funny. I think he desperately wanted the floor to open up and swallow him alive or maybe he would have rather been in the middle of New Orleans in his skivvies. Everyone is laughing about Mike Myers expression...but, when the camera quickly switches over to Chris Tucker and he looks like a deer in headlights. Good lord this gets funnier and funnier each time I watch it. Video
"I hate the way they portray us in the media. We see a black family that says they're looting. We see a white family that says they're looking for food & you know it's been five days because most of the people are black & even for me to complain about I would be a hyprocrite because I try to turn away from the TV because it's too hard to watch. I've even been shopping before even giving a donation, so now I'm calling my business manager right now to see what's there, those are my people down there, so anybody out there that wants to do anything with the setup the way America is setup to help the poor, the black people, the less well off as slow as possible. I mean the Red Cross is doing everything they can. We already realize that a lot of the people that can help are at war right now fighting another way and they've given them permission to go down & shoot us."

Near the end he comments, "George Bush doesn't care about black people."

ONTD and yahoo

This didn't take long! Sigh.


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mike looks so uncomfortable...


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