Thursday, December 08, 2005

Eminem Back with Ex-wife

Eminem and his estranged wife have reconciled and are considering getting married again. Either he has really grown up and they are truly meant for each other, or he is completly out of ideas for new lyrics and needs her as his muse.

After Kimberly tried to kill herself and was jailed for cocaine possession, Eminem gained custody of their daughter Haile Jade, now 10.

On last year's Encore album, he dedicated track Puke to his ex, calling her a "coke-head" and rapping: "I hope you die" and "Everytime I think of you, I puke."

And even before their divorce, Eminem sang on his track Kim of wanting her dead.
But it doesn't seem to have stopped the couple finding true love again.

The rapper, 33, went into drug rehab in August, claiming to be addicted to sleeping pills.


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