Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I Should Be Dead By Now

After viewing these pictures I am feeling like I should be dead now as well. Or, at least wishing I was.

What the hell is the matter with Dennis Rodman? He is like the weirdest SOB on the planet. If you look up Attention Whore in the dictionary there would be his picture right next to it.

Dennis Rodman showed up at for a book signing at the Hard Rock Hotel the other day like this. At another signing, he arrived in a hearse.

Also, last month while he was out promoting his book "I Should Be Dead By Now" he made an appearance on the Howard Stern show. He proceeded to tell a story about how he fulfilled a bride-to-be's request to be her last sexual encounter before marriage.

I'm sure her husband is thrilled to be taking STD meds on a monthly basis. If he only knew.

Apparently, a few years back Dennis was out carousing at the Mirage when he began partying heavily with one particular bachelorette group.

At the end of the evening, during the wee hours, Rodman found himself upstairs with the bride-to-be, fulfilling her request for one last sexual conquest before she tied the knot.

So if you are a bride to be, or a groom in waiting, and the Mirage is thrown around as a possible bachelorette party locale--look out.


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