Friday, December 09, 2005

Dancing with the Stars 2

I might have to watch this crap this year. I actually know who most of these people are. I really think it's sad to see Jerry Rice doing this though. I had read about this on deadspin, but I kind of didn't want to believe it. He should be doing ESPN or coaching, or something. He was the greatest Wide Receiver to play the game. Series premieres January, 5th on ABC.

Jerry Rice - Wide receiver
Tatum O'Neal - Oscar winning actress
George Hamilton - Tanned actor
Stacy Kiebler - WWE performer
Giselle Fernandez - Journalist
Romeo - Hip-Hop artist
Tia Carrere - Actress
Kenny Mayne - ESPN correspondent
Drew Lachey - Brother of Nick Lachey
Lisa Rinna - Former Soap star and current Soapnet host

Source dlisted


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