Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Way to go Vikings!

Not that it's any of my business or anything...especially since I'm a Bronco fan and all, and were 4 and 1. But, what the hell are the Minnesota Vikings doing? They are sucking it up at 1 and 3. I might add those were some pretty bad whoopings to boot.

Yeah, yeah, all your troubles the last couple of years were because of that mean old Randy Moss guy. Whatever. Now he's gone...so what's the excuse? Looks like you guys have just given up. It's only week five for cryin' out loud.

Sounds to me like the Vikings players had one hell of a bye week. What does a NFL team do when the going gets tough? Well, I guess the team gets together, charters a few boats and has a huge drug and sex party to lift their spirits and other things...so to speak.

“It was a stag party atmosphere on the boat with allegations of strippers and sexual conduct,’’ he said. “We’re still trying to sort things out at this time.’’

A woman who apparently was working as a hostess on one of the boats called Mound police about 7:30 p.m. to report possible prostitution, drugs and sex acts, according to police reports. The information was coming from her brother’s girlfriend, who was working as a hostess on the boat, the report said. The girlfriend said the boat was chartered by the Minnesota Vikings.

A Vikings official said the team would have no comment. Two hours after the Mound police received the call, another woman called to complain that six or seven men pulled up in a shuttle bus limo and urinated in her yard, police reports said. She followed the limo to Al and Alma’s, but she couldn’t identify the men, said Chief Jim Kurtz.

The responding officer was told that there were 40 people on the boat and that it was the Vikings football team, the police reports said.

The urination incident is no longer under investigation, Kurtz said.

I guess the public indecency, urination thing is pretty lame in the context of the rest of the allegations. Good luck with your piss tests and the game this week against your rival Chicago Bears! Go Vikings!



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