Tuesday, October 04, 2005

This Monkey is Smokin'

Beijing - A chimpanzee in a Chinese zoo has successfully kicked a 16-year smoking habit after becoming hooked when two spouses died and her daughter left, state press said on Monday.

Ai Ai, a 27-year-old chimp at the Qinling Safari Park in northern China's Shaanxi province, ended her tobacco dependency when zoo keepers put her on a strict regime that included walking, music therapy and exercise sessions, Xinhua news agency said.

They could have, at the very least, given the monkey the new beer being brewed by the Germans. They have developed a nicotine beer for those "smoke-free" pubs. She could have kicked her smoking habit and been running around like a drunken monkey. Now, that would have been hot!

Actually, that sounds pretty much like everyone I know...myself included. Nothing new here.


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