Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tonya Harding Will Beat Your Ass

She looks quite frightening...if I do say so myself. I guess since her minor stint as a professional boxer fell apart, Tonya Harding decided to beat up on her boyfriend. She has quite an imagination. White trash lives!
Man Arrested After Tonya Harding Run-In 2 hours, 55 minutes ago VANCOUVER, Wash. - Tonya Harding tussled in her home with a man she described as her boyfriend, prompting an emergency call by the figure skater-turned-boxer and an arrest of the man.

Christopher Nolan was charged with assault and pleaded not guilty Monday. He told deputies Harding threw him down and bit his finger when he said she had too much to drink on Sunday. The 27-year-old Nolan was ordered to stay away from Harding and to avoid alcohol.

Harding had a small cut over her right eye and an abrasion on her left cheek.

Initially, Harding called 911 and said she was attacked by two masked men who came to her home and assaulted her before she could escape.

Nolan said he and Harding were roommates. The 34-year-old Harding was banned for life from competitive figure skating after her former husband hired a hitman to club rival Nancy Kerrigan with a baton as Kerrigan left the ice during practice at the 1994 U.S. championships in Detroit. The attack prevented Kerrigan from competing, but she recovered to win a silver medal at the 1994 Olympics weeks later. Harding finished out of the running.

More recently, Harding has tried her hand at pro boxing to mixed reviews.



At 8:32 AM, Blogger markus said...

She's one scary piece of trash!

At 9:19 AM, Blogger Evie said...

Yes, she is. After seeing this photo I had to wonder why she had to hire a hitman. That, and I lost my lunch.

At 9:19 AM, Blogger Anhoni Patel said...

Please don't tell me that's Tonya Harding. Did she stop working out and eat nothing but Ding Dongs or something? She's huge! At least compared to what she looked like as a skater.

At 1:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow!! Tonya sure looks big and scary. Any man who would take a chance and fight with her is a fool.With those arms and her mean streak I think most men would get their ass whipped,and I think she would enjoy doing it.


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