Thursday, October 13, 2005

Jake Plummer

Okay, I can get just as confused as the next person and sometimes it comes pretty easy to me. However, I was sure I was losing my mind when I ran into this little tidbit. MSNBC was mentioning a little Jake Plummer scoop right there alongside Britney Speers and Johnny Depp. That alone made me wonder what the hell was going on before I even read it. It goes on to discuss a petition that is out for Jake Plummer to please...for the love of God...grow back the moustache he shaved off. I know for a fact that late Sunday night I was watching "Bronco Talk" and Jake was sitting there all hot and looking like a member of a grunge band or something. Full beard, long hair and all. But, did he shave his moustache and leave the beard? I don't think so.

Hundreds of Jake Plummer fans have signed a petition urging the Broncos quarterback to re-grow the moustache he recently shaved off. “Two hurricanes, rising gas prices and political divisiveness have torn our country apart,” pleaded the petition writer. “With your mustache, maybe we can begin the long process of healing. Without it, Jake, we as a society are doomed.”

That being said, while I was searching a little more...I found out that he had a charity event on Monday night and looked like "Grizzly Adams" according to one journalist. The other little tidbit of info is that he apparently is dating a second year cheerleader for the Broncos. I thought that was a no-no. Juicy stuff!

Since it was posted on MSNBC, the signatures are adding up at about 10 or more a minute. The comments on the petition are priceless.
Furry Jake the Snake leads thank-you drive at his charity bash October 12, 2005 Jake the Snake looked more like Jake the Grizzly Bear on Monday night because he was sporting a scraggly beard at the second annual Jake Plummer Foundation fundraiser. Plummer had new girlfriend and part-time model Kolette Klausen on his arm and his mom, Marilyn, by his side. He thanked the enthusiastic crowd at Morton's in the Tech Center for supporting his foundation, which has helped fund Alzheimer's research, child abuse prevention and Hurricane Katrina relief.


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