Thursday, August 04, 2005

You Will be Missed!

Thanks for all the memories Foppa!

I am so sad on so many levels.

This photo is from when Peter was with the Nordiques. Ironically and sadly, it is Him, Sakic and Footer.

I have the signed photo of him and Sakic that I love.

Here is a link to a tribute video made by a fan. It may take a few times to download. Oh, and you will need a tissue. Link

Here is his new bio in his new uniform...already.

Seems the Philly fans are quite thrilled with the addition of Foppa. So much so...the latest poll has them thinking they will win the cup. Link

Peter Forsberg
Q: What was your initial reaction after being signed by the Flyers?
A: "I’m excited - it’s one of the teams that has always wanted to win. It’s a great organization, so as soon as I heard they called I got really excited."

Q: Peter, you supposedly could have signed for more money in Colorado. Why did you come to Philadelphia? I know there were four or five teams with offers.
A: "Well, there were a couple options but I think you know about the system. Without the system, I probably might still have been in Colorado, but with the new system and everything it didn’t really work out. I was talking to a few teams when Philly came in. They came in pretty late, but when they came in I was really excited and very interested and it went really fast from there."

Q: You helped Colorado win two Stanley Cups. Is it an extra motivation for a player such as yourself to come here to Philly and help them since they struggled to win a Cup now for the last 30 years?
A: "It’s a lot of pressure to play in Philly because you haven’t won in a long time, but I think that’s good. It’s an organization that always has shown the last I don’t know how long that it really wanted to win every year. They always put out a good team and it’s a classic organization. I don’t know if it puts too much pressure but of course I want to show them that I am a good player and help the team be able to go as far as we can. I think there’s no question that everybody expects us to go far and hopefully win the Cup."

Q: How happy are you right now?
A: "I am very happy. Like I said, it didn’t work out in Colorado but when I heard that Philly was interested of course I’m happy. I got to go to one of the teams I wanted to play for. I was drafted by them way way back and it has been a long time coming. I am here now with the Flyers. I am very excited to get the season started. You should look at the roster - it’s a great physical team and it’s a good team. It is going to be really exciting to get started at training camp and start the season." more


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