Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The $10 Million Dollar Bat Mitzvah

On the day the President told the American people to prepare for the long haul in Iraq, here’s a story that seems to perfectly sum up our priorities as a nation. They’re calling it Mitzvahpalooza. It may go down in history as the world’s most obscene birthday party (eat your heart out Dennis Kozlowski). David H. Brooks, CEO of bulletproof vest maker DHB Industries, spared no expense for his 13-year old daughter’s entry into adulthood. The girl and 300 of her closest BFFs were entertained recently in New York’s Rainbow Room by Don Henley, Stevie Nicks, Kenny G, Aerosmith and, believe it or not, 50 Cent (I guess 500 large can make you forget all about street cred). It was hosted by Tom Petty. The reported cost: $10 million. More

More photos
Personally, that photo of Joe Perry nearly turned my ass to stone. She looks bored to death in the second photo. I'm not sure if I was a thirteen again, Steve Tyler would be a big turn of for me. That can't be pretty up close.


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