Saturday, September 24, 2005

Jon Bon Jovi Rocks

He's easy on the eyes and he tells it like it is. Besides, anyone who's not afraid to rip on big, bad Tommy Cruise totally rocks in my book.

Jon Bon Jovi has slammed Tom Cruise, saying the actor has "lost it". The rocker claims the heartthrob star "courts celebrity for the sake of it" and he believes Tom's fiancée Katie Holmes is feeding off of his star status.

The rocker told Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper: "Some people just court celebrity for the sake of it.

People like Tom Cruise.He was always a great actor, but I think the man's lost it.

"You won't ever catch me jumping up and down on Oprah going on about how I love this woman.

And then others start feeding off it.

Suddenly Katie Holmes is on the cover of magazines" The handsome singer also hot out at hotel heiress Paris Hilton saying she is "famous for being infamous" He said: "Another one is Paris Hilton Famous for being infamous And then the people who should be getting the attention, people like Bob Dylan, aren't It's sad" "These people claim they hate the intrusion that fame brings but then they bring it on themselves by having huge entourages wherever they go, attracting attention to themselves".



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