Friday, September 23, 2005

The Evolution of a Cover Girl Supermodel

Too much is going on this week with this whole mess. I can't keep track of all the clients that have dropped her since her little secret was revealed in the press. It's quite unreal when you think about it. A model that does coke? Who would of thunk it? Just unimaginable. Hopefully she saved some of her millions and didn't throw all of it away on drugs for her and her charming boyfriend, Pete.

Shamed Kate Moss finally said sorry for her drug-taking last night — and vowed to beat her addiction. The supermodel broke her silence a week after pictures of her snorting cocaine were published.

Kate’s career has been in freefall since she was revealed as a £200-a-day cocaine user.

The Sun also exclusively revealed yesterday that she dabbles with deadly crack cocaine. Cops say they want to speak to her when she returns to the UK. Met Police chief Sir Ian Blair personally ordered an investigation after the cocaine pictures were published.

Yesterday Kate received another blow when cosmetics giant Rimmel prepared to dump her. They would be the FIFTH company to wash their hands of her.



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What a BITCH!!!!


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