Sunday, January 11, 2009

For my girl Gail!!! It's Sanjaya!!!

This is for my good friend Gail. She has always been there for me so it's the least I can do. She is going to be sooooo excited that Sanjaya has come out with his first album! He is even going to release his memoir. It should be full of all kinds of whacky stories about pillow fights and make up tips. I bet he might even give us some good advice on hair care products.

Gail wore that faux-hawk for weeks protesting when Sanjaya was kicked off of American Idol. That crazy girl. All the other kids parents thought she was a total freak, but Gail didn't care. She would just yell back at them "you just don't understand Sanjaya! Asshats". Then she would break down in tears. Again.

Remember that little girl just sobbing over Sanjay singing? Gail was just like that. Week in and week out. It was rough but we got through it. Now all of her dreams have come true. Here's the video of that little girl, which has nothing on Gail.


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