Thursday, January 05, 2006

Is wedding off for Cruise and Holmes?

Hold off on buying that first edition of "Dianetics" as a wedding present for Tom Cruise and his pregnant fiancée, Katie Holmes.

The buzz is that the engagement of the happy couple has hit a few bumps and, after reportedly tense holidays spent at Holmes’ house, wedding plans may have been put on hold.

With a new year beginning, Cruise “decided to take the opportunity to mend fences with the family of his fiancée, Katie Holmes,” according to the upcoming issue of Life & Style Weekly. It didn’t go so well.
Well, color me surprised. If I was her parents I would have locked her in her room until she was 80. I Being the beard to this fruitcake is just plain nuts. Now, she will forever be connected to him due to the little turkey baster incident.

There are so many things that crack me up about this illustration...I wouldn't even know where to start. It's perfect.

Story from msnbc. Illustration from Todd Umbarger here.


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